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Young Field

Tackling Pathogenic Bacteria for the First Time

with Unmatched Efficiency & Environmental Friendliness!

Our groundbreaking technology protects crops, revolutionizing disease prevention and promoting sustainability. 

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Safeguarding Food Security & Environmental Sustainability

BioArmix tackles agriculture's urgent issue: bacterial plant pathogens.


Our groundbreaking technological platform disrupts crop protection while championing sustainability.

By introducing our biocontrol agents, we mitigate the need for harmful chemical interventions, reducing the ecological footprint associated with conventional practices and preserving valuable resources by preventing the disposal of contaminated crops.

Young Field

Join us in addressing the pressing challenge of feeding our growing global population.

As the demand for food escalates, so does the importance of safeguarding our vital calorie sources: plants.


Unfortunately, these crucial resources are constantly threatened by devastating losses in crop yields, largely attributed to the prevalence of plant diseases, with pathogenic bacteria posing a significant risk.

Population growth
Population Growth

10B by 2050, driving up the food production by 50%

Plant makeup
Hunger Increase



Hunger increase
Plants make up

80% of our daily calories and 98% of our oxygen

Plants health risk
Plants Health at Risk

Up to 40% of global crops are lost each year to plant disease and Insects


Harnessing Nature's Predatory Bacteria for Sustainable Solutions

Inspired by nature's predatory bacteria, we've developed a scalable Agtech solution that harnesses their power, enabling us to confront bacterial pathogens cost-effectively, sustainably, and risk-free resistance development.


Our GMO-free, naturally derived product is encapsulated with GRAS-authorized compounds, stable for years at room temperature while maintaining predators' full activity to consume the pathogens.

BADGE _ propriety tech
BADGE _ long dhelf life
BADGE _ cost effective
BADGE _ eco friendly
BADGE _ non toxic
BADGE _ 100% compostable
BADGE _ 100% natural
BADGE _ GMO free


Our platform provides flexible applications across a range of crops utilizing diverse methodologies


Carriers for soil applications

Soil application


Coating of tubers/bulbs

bulb application


Irrigation enabled

drip application


Expertise, Innovation, and Collaboration for Success


Tzvi Zvirin
Tzvi Zvirin, Ph.D

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Zvirin brings over 15 years of experience in the biotech industry. As an entrepreneur, Tzvi has successfully developed technologies from inception to realization.

Tzvi worked closely with startups, assisting in business model development, go-to-market strategies, and fundraising. Previously, Tzvi served as the VP BizDev at BioBetter Ltd.

Gal Sason
Gal Sason, Ph.D

Co-founder & 

R&D Manager

Dr. Sason led our technology's development from start to an exceptional proof of concept. With vast expertise in microbiology and innovative use of hydrocolloids and polymers, she's transformed fruit and vegetable shelf life and developed cutting-edge agricultural solutions.

Shiri Elmedvi Baram
Shiri Elmedvi Baran, Ph.D

Process Development Manager

Dr. Elmedvi Baran brings over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. She served in various positions, leading process development and R&D and overseeing projects. Shiri holds a Ph.D. in Virology as well as an MBA from Coller Business School and brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and strategic management skills to our team.

Meet our exceptional team, bringing unparalleled expertise and extensive backgrounds in industrial polymer utilization and symbiotic relationships between bacteria and agricultural pests.


Backed by regulatory specialists in agricultural biocontrol agents, our team boasts profound agribusiness knowledge and entrepreneurial acumen fortified by extensive networks.

Nestled within the Galil Ofek Innovation Incubator and affiliated with YDLabs Israel, a premier fermentation service provider supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority, we thrive within a robust R&D infrastructure and strategic partnerships. This multidisciplinary approach and ecosystem support position us uniquely to embrace and excel in this lucrative market opportunity.

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Driving Change Towards a Resilient Future

Our solution addresses the immediate issue of bacterial diseases in potato crops and aligns with broader climate goals by promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

By minimizing losses and resource waste, our technology contributes to the larger global effort to combat Climate Change and Food Security, offering a tangible and eco-friendly solution within the complex web of agricultural and environmental challenges.


Looking ahead, we envision expanding its application into diverse areas beyond agriculture.

Prof. Amos Nussinovitch
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Prof. Amos Nussinovitch

Co-founder &

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Nussinovitch is a world-renowned expert in physics and food technology, especially recognized for his practical applications of water-soluble gums (hydrocolloids) and resins. His notable academic tenure is complemented by over 15 years of proficiency in technology transfer, founding firms, and providing consultancy to various branches within the food and biotechnology fields.

Prof. Edouard Jurkevitch
Prof. Edouard Jurkevitch

Co-founder &

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Jurkevitch is a world-leading expert in microbial ecology, particularly in BALOs'. He specializes in unraveling the molecular mechanisms of predatory bacteria. Additionally, he's a renowned authority on symbiotic relationships between bacteria and agricultural pests and molecular profiling of soil bacteria for forensic purposes

George Lazarovits Ph.D.
George Lazarovits, PhD

Regulatory Advisory Board

Dr. Lazarovits has vast knowledge on environmental regulation. As former president of the Canadian Phytopathological Society, he possesses extensive experience bridging industry, academia, and regulatory frameworks to promote biocontrol and biostimulating agents in agriculture.

Advisory Board

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